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Última actualización: Mon, 18 Jun 2018 06:49:06 GMT
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SPIE hails US National Quantum Initiative legislation
Sofradir and ULIS reorganize structure to boost efficiency
Volvo tech fund backs Luminar's lidar
SPIE Astro 2018: world’s largest solar telescope nearing completion
MIT/Technion team develops novel light-matter interaction
OmniVision and Myriad Fiber launch endoscopic surgery tools
Erik Loopstra and Vadim Banine receive European Inventor Award
Spex HMD headset allows enhanced vision for high-precision tasks
Frequency comb technique promises versatile gas sensor
Sionyx beats funding goal with 610% oversubscription
SPIE Astro 2018: Large Synoptic Survey Telescope takes shape in Chile
SPIE Astro 2018: opening plenaries set scene for JWST mission
Silicon Brillouin laser uses soundwaves to amplify light
Lead-free, more efficient perovskite for solar cells proposed
Industrial semiconductor market grew 12% in 2017
Swedish-Canadian collaboration targets laser prostate surgery
Innoviz and HiRain partner to take LiDAR to Chinese carmakers...
Ultrafast camera to aid targeted chemotherapy
UK quantum chiefs urge MPs to back funding commitment for industry phase
Jenoptik to invest €11M in new production facility for metrology News

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