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Nuclear Fusion latest papers

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Co-published by IOP and IAEA, Nuclear Fusion is the acknowledged world-leading journal specialising in fusion physics. The journal covers all aspects of research, theoretical and practical, relevant to controlled thermonuclear fusion - including a growing emphasis on inertial confinement techniques.
Multi-parameter scaling of divertor power load profiles in D, H and He plasmas on JET and implications for ITER
Experimental study of the poloidal flow effect on magnetic island dynamics in LHD and TJ-II
Electrode biasing experiment in the Large Helical Device
Inward pinch of high-Z impurity in a rotating tokamak plasma: effects of atomic processes, radial electric field and Coulomb collisions
Trapped particle stability for the kinetic stabilizer
Current ramps in tokamaks: from present experiments to ITER scenarios
Tokamak plasma edge modelling including the main chamber wall
Heat and momentum transport of ion internal transport barrier plasmas on the Large Helical Device
Tokamak plasma self-organization—synergetics of magnetic trap plasmas
An ITER-relevant passive active multijunction launcher for lower hybrid current drive in JET-grade plasmas
A fusion development facility on the critical path to fusion energy
Advances towards QH-mode viability for ELM-stable operation in ITER
Critical parameters for the nonlinear destabilization of double tearing modes in reversed shear plasmas
Noninductive plasma initiation and startup in the DIII-D tokamak
Experimental investigation and validation of neutral beam current drive for ITER through ITPA Joint Experiments
Impurity effects on the ion temperature gradient mode in reversed-field pinch plasmas
Nuclear Fusion
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