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Physics in Medicine & Biology latest papers

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Physics in Medicine & Biology publishes original and review articles covering the applications of theoretical and practical physics to medicine, physiology and biology. The journal enters its 50th year of publication in 2005 and enjoys a strong reputation among researchers and clinicians in 70 countries. Topics covered by the journal include radiotherapy physics, radiation dosimetry and metrology, the use of physical agents, such as ionising and non-ionising radiation, electromagnetic fields and ultrasound in diagnosis, imaging, biomedical optics, radiobiology and nuclear medicine. The journal is published on behalf of The Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine by IOP Publishing.
The UF family of hybrid phantoms of the developing human fetus for computational radiation dosimetry
Optimization of fluoroscopy parameters using pattern matching prediction in the real-time tumor-tracking radiotherapy system
Towards MRI-guided linear accelerator control: gating on an MRI accelerator
Dose verification for respiratory-gated volumetric modulated arc therapy
Maximum-likelihood scintillation detection for EM-CCD based gamma cameras
A model to estimate the outcome of prostate cancer photodynamic therapy with TOOKAD Soluble WST11
A photo-multiplier tube-based hybrid MRI and frequency domain fluorescence tomography system for small animal imaging
A robust algorithm of intensity modulated proton therapy for critical tissue sparing and target coverage
Correlating locations in ipsilateral breast tomosynthesis views using an analytical hemispherical compression model
Implications on clinical scenario of gold nanoparticle radiosensitization in regards to photon energy, nanoparticle size, concentration and location
Simulations and measurements of transcranial low-frequency ultrasound therapy: skull-base heating and effective area of treatment
Radiological characterization and water equivalency of genipin gel for x-ray and electron beam dosimetry
Toward efficient biomechanical-based deformable image registration of lungs for image-guided radiotherapy
Analysis of the local worst-case SAR exposure caused by an MRI multi-transmit body coil in anatomical models of the human body
Physics in Medicine and Biology
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